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Complete Projection Systems
Cutting Edge Presentation Software
High Definition Digital Signage

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Theatrical Stage Lighting
Architectural Dimming & Control
Energy Efficient LED Systems

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With over 30 years of industry experience AST provides affordable Audio, Video and Lighting solutions.

- Technologies For Worship
- Presentation Software

- Digital Mixers
- Theatrical Supplies
- Drum Enclosures
- Concert Sound Systems
- Acoustic Solutions
- Weather Proof Systems
- Wireless Microphones
- Video Signage

- Scrims & Cycs

- Equipment Sales

- Tech Booth Construction
- Motors & Truss
- Automated Lighting
- Video Screens
- Intercom
- Freelance Engineering

- Design Services
- Portable Sound Systems
- Control Systems

- Performance Lighting
- Stage Design
- Tools For Education 
- Professional Installation

- Floor Pockets
- Large Format LED Displays
- Networked Audio
- Digital Snakes
- Training
- Personal Mixers
- Video Walls
- Pipe & Drape
- Lighting Controls
- HD Camera Packages
- Rentals

Complete designs or just gear.

AST has everything you need.


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