In today's world you can not take sound for granted. We take great pride in partnering with churches, ministries and venues worldwide in the presentation of powerful high fidelity music and clear, articulate messages and recordings. Good sound is an art and a trade. Experience is the determining factor when choosing equipment, establishing infrastructure and implementing proven methodologies.

Our goal: "Make The Message Clear And The Experience A Lasting Impression."

AST provides sound for any occasion and for any size venue. For the main meeting space or throughout the facility. From a small portable system to a concert level performing arts center. How can we help you? Click here to e-mail us. Start the conversation.


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Control Stage Volume / Assist Musicians / Perfect The House Mix / Take It To The Next Level!

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Awesome Personal Monitoring Solutions From Roland & Aviom!  Incredible Drum Enclosures From Perdue Acoustics!

* These links are just a snapshot of some of our vendors and manufacturers.