Design Services

AST provides comprehensive audio, video and lighting technical systems designs for new construction, renovations and upgrades of all sizes.  Complete AutoCAD drawings are available for bid specification or as working drawings for design build projects.  For smaller projects "one line" drawings can be utilized to reduce costs.  Final system documentation and "as builts" are also available upon request.

Including technical systems design, in the earliest stages of building planning, is a critical and foundational aspect to the success of meeting space development, overall budget projection and total building functionality.

Technical systems integration will affect nearly every trade in a construction project. Consider these elements:

Stage Design - Choir and worship team space requirements, on/off access, connectivity points, load-in access, sub-woofer locations, projection screen locations, etc.

Electrical Loads - Access to clean power, Isolated grounding systems, percentage of power draw on entire electrical infrastucture, conduit locations, etc.

Heat Loads - Will the HVAC requirements be affected by the lighting output?  Cooling and ventilation in the mechanical rooms housing dimmers, amplifiers, etc.

Mechanical Noise - Isolating noise associated with HVAC, structure type including open ceilings, location of dimmers and mechanical rooms, etc.

Structural Loads - Loudspeaker weights and locations, lighting trusses, video displays and equipment, technical control booth requirements, etc.

AST is experienced at coordinating between all the trades involved.  AST provides consulting and and "a discovery process" often, even before an architect is chosen.  We have learned that; "Every dollar spent on planning saves three on execution."  Not only is there a great amount of savings in planning well, but a tremendous amount of frustration can be avoided. 

Technical systems touch every aspect of the project and every trades ability to bid accurately.

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