Theatrical Stage Lighting

The best word to describe lighting is Atmosphere. Lighting design is extremely important for many reasons that go way beyond function. What electrical resources are required to be built-in or upgraded? How can I control the stage and house lights from multiple locations? What type of fixtures are required for the proper video color temperature? These and many other factors are vital considerations when choosing and installing new lighting. The final look and feel of the lighting is only as good as the initial design and the know how to pull it all together.

"At AST we love creating easy to use awesome Atmosphere with
quality lighting products!"

With the convergence of performance lighting and video projection the creativity options are nearly limitless!

Another important consideration is the cost of infrastructure and power consumption. Green technologies found in LED and moving head fixtures can replace dozens of traditional fixtures. Not only do they add to creativity but the savings are enormous! Initial cost for powering dimmers and incandescents are greatly reduced, as well as, annual utility costs.

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