Advanced Systems & Technologies, Inc.

Sound | Video | Lighting | Acoustics | IT Network


Advanced Systems & Technologies, Inc.

Sound | Video | Lighting | Acoustics | IT Network


Advanced Systems & Technologies, Inc.

Sound | Video | Lighting | Acoustics | IT Network


Who We Are

AST is a full-service AVL Integration Company. It is our passion to design and install professional Audio, Video, and Lighting systems for churches and corporations nationwide.

What We Do


AST specializes in providing quality Sound Systems for any type of meeting or event.


AST focuses on delivering outstanding video systems for nearly every application.


We love to light it up! From simple functionality and control to full color production. Shine bright with AST!

Who We Serve


AST has been providing outstanding sound, video, and lighting equipment and services, for churches and ministries, for 30 years. This is our heart and our passion. It’s why we do what we do. If you choose AST for your next project you’ll not only get some of the best tech minds in the business, you will gain a Ministry Partner. Count on AST for what matters.  Attention to detail and a genuine concern for why the technology is needed in the first place.


AST provides outstanding installation services.  We are experts in the “whys” of how audio, video, and lighting works, as well as, the infrastructure required for it to work, well, for a long time. With strong backgrounds in construction, consulting, and live production we have gained the experience that is necessary to do things right. We also listen to our clients and work as a team, to integrate the technology in the best possible way for everyone involved.  Count on AST for quality, experience, flexibility, and a job well done.


AST, Advanced Systems and Technologies, Inc. is a top-notch provider of sound, video, and lighting services for retail businesses. Their expertise in designing and implementing AV solutions that cater to the specific needs of retail stores is unparalleled. With AST, retail businesses can take advantage of high-quality audio systems that provide crystal clear sound throughout the store, enhancing the shopping experience for customers. Additionally, their video solutions enable retailers to display vibrant, high-resolution content that captures the attention of shoppers and promotes their products effectively. Finally, AST’s lighting services help create an ambiance that complements the brand’s image and draws customers to the products. With AST’s AV solutions, retail businesses can create a truly immersive shopping experience that delights their customers and sets them apart from the competition.

Our Work

Hickory Creek Church

AST has been privileged to serve Hickory Creek Church for many years. We started with changing out a Digital Audio Console and our relationship grew from there. Over the past 10 years AST has designed and installed high quality AVL Systems in the Sanctuary and Kid’s Church, numerous HD Displays and Speaker Systems throughout the facility, a complete Video and Audio Suite, Crestron Video Distribution and Touch Screen Controls, QSYS Digital Audio and Dante Systems, Camera Packages, Acoustic Treatment, Tech Booth Construction, Network Solutions and more!

Freedom Church

Complete Sound, Video, Lighting Design and installation by AST. Working together with the Freedom Team, we assisted with portable systems for a number of years and celebrated with them when they obtained their first building! Freedom purchased an entire school. It was our privilege to install new video, lighting, sound and network systems throughout much of the facility.

Custom Themed Spaces in Partnership with Wacky World Studios

AST makes custom spaces come to life with Video! Laser video projection, Crestron control automation, detailed coordination with artists, animators and multiple trades. Professional installation and rigging, Brightsign video playback, complete device network, for coordinated playback and power control.

Impulse Church

Impulse Church was a Portable Church that met in a movie theater for years. AST was asked to provide complete portable systems and training for the theater as well as complete transition, design and installation when they moved to their new building. In addition to this, it also required an auditorium sound system with separated monitors and entrances along with lighting packages that included wash lights and moving head spotlights.

Contact Us

We are excited that you are here!  Whether you have a specific project in mind or just want to learn more about our services, our team is eager to hear from you. Contact us today!